Sondre Olsen Bye BW (NOR)

“I was born and grew up in Norway, but currently live in Warsaw (Poland). In 2007 I went for Norway’s got Talent show and since then my dance career has really started. Tanya and mine partnership started at SwingAout Festival 2015. Since then we have been competing, teaching and performing boogie woogie all around Europe and outside […]

Aina Nygard BW (NOR)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Coaching education Dancer: 2 times World Champion MC Boogie Woogie 3 times World Cup Winner MC Boogie Woogie Coach: Top trainer education – Norwegian Olympic Committee 7 times Word Champion coach MC/JC Boogie Woogie. Coach of the Norwegian National Team for many years. Coach for many National champions […]

Rastislav Banas RR (SVK)

University of Commeniana in Bratislava – gymnastic,dance,rock and roll – Mgr. titl  Dancer: World champion junior formation Winner of European cup MCCS (B-class) -World nr 2 in European cup MCCS – ranking list 8 times Slovak champion – junior,C-class,MCCS Coach: more than 20 time Austrian champion (MCFS 5x, MCCS, girls formation…) -co choreographer junior formation […]

Dmitry Ionov RR (RUS)

“Coach of National Team Russia and Spartak club! Began to engage acrobatic rock-and-roll at 7 y.o. Performed in all dance disciplines for his career! Still searching to find perfect “staff”!!!” Moscow Institute of physical culture and sports- Coach-teacher on acrobatic Dancer: 6 time world champion in formation MCFS 1 time boggie M class Formation 2 […]

Aniko Neuwirth RR (HUN)

“My aim is to pass the lot of nice, great memories, experience and knowledge to the dancers, what I got from dancing during my sportsman and coach career.” Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Semmelweis University – Gymnastics Sport Coaching and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Sport Coaching Hungarian Dance Academy, Dance Teacher – Modern Dance specialization […]