“Coach of National Team Russia and Spartak club! Began to engage acrobatic rock-and-roll at 7 y.o. Performed in all dance disciplines for his career! Still searching to find perfect “staff”!!!”

  • Moscow Institute of physical culture and sports- Coach-teacher on acrobatic


  • 6 time world champion in formation MCFS
  • 1 time boggie M class Formation
  • 2 time world cup winner (MCS 2005, 2008)
  • Honored master of sport


  • Olympic Champion and Olympic Silver medalist in Team Event, Figure skating
  • 5 time world champion coach MCFS (Ivan and Olga)
  • Coach of many national Champions (Spain, Ukrain, Belarussia, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey…figure skating)
  • Honored coach of russia
  • Phd in techknical science
  • Co-author of methodical manual