“Juho and Mari have both been dancing since early childhood: before boogie woogie Mari danced standard and latin for a few years before trying and eventually falling in love with boogie. Juho, on the other hand, started with line dancing and competed in the country solo and couple dancing scene until 2013. In 2011 Juho saw a boogie competition and wanted to try out the fun-looking dance and has been hooked since! 

In boogie woogie, our inspiration has been to find new ways to interpret the spirit of the dance and bring new elements from other dances and sports to boogie while striving to make each movement and figure as beautiful as possible while respecting the origins of the dance.

Juho and Mari have been dancing boogie woogie since 2013.”

  • University of Turku – Master’s degree in language studies and pedagogy (Juho is currently finishing)
  • University of Turku – Bachelor’s degree in the field of pedagogy (Mari is completing right now)


  • World Cup BW Main Class – 1st place (Moscow, Helsinki)
  • World Cup Series Winner
  • European Championship BW Main Class – 2nd place